karencoatl asked:

2,15, 16, 32, 42 :)

2: post your favorite beatles photo?
Personally I love these two because they have both been taken outside the BBC but in the first one they are fucking badass like “on our way to change music forever” whereas in the second one they just look so childish and fooling around!


15: cutest thing about George?
Do you mean George Harrison the guitarist or George Martin the air-guitarist? ^^

16: cutest thing about Ringo?
His humor I guess! :3

32: lyric you’d want to get tattooed?
"We all live in a yellow submarine!!!" Unexpected right? No just kidding ^^ maybe something from In My Life or "Nothing is Real" from Strawberry Fields? Or basically the whole song but it would be quite long though haha!

42: AU where the beatles never broke up. What’d be a good title for their next album and movie?
Aww this question is so difficult! I mean, let’s see. It could be in the early 1970s, at the time where in our universe John was with “Mind Games” and “Imagine”, and George released “Living in the Material World”… But I don’t believe they would have taken something so serious for a new album’s title. Like the story behind the title A Hard Day’s Night or Tomorrow Never Knows we can imagine that they could have used one of Ringo’s “Ringoism” that John loved so much! Or maybe I’m totally wrong and they would have opted for something as deep as Let it Be? Let’s say Alone Together, this oxymoron sounds kind of Ringoish and in the same time you can find quite a deep meaning to it!

ask me why (beatles questions)

  • 1: favorite beatles book?
  • 2: post your favorite beatles photo?
  • 3: play sitar like george or bass like paul?
  • 4: do you like the german versions of their songs?
  • 5: is it a good thing they stopped touring in 1966?
  • 6: get guitar lessons from john or george?
  • 7: is ringo the best drummer of the beatles?
  • 8: beatle girl crush?
  • 9: linda or yoko?
  • 10: jane or pattie?
  • 11: cynthia or maureen?
  • 12: olivia or barbara?
  • 13: cutest thing about john?
  • 14: cutest thing about paul?
  • 15: cutest thing about george?
  • 16: cutest thing about ringo?
  • 17: thoughts on allen klein?
  • 18: who had the nicest eyes?
  • 19: who had the best smile?
  • 20: have you ever written beatles fanfiction?
  • 21: have you ever done beatles roleplay?
  • 22: keep them together for another 10 years even if they started to suck?
  • 23: eat louise harrison's or aunt mimi's food?
  • 24: would you take george's virginity even if the boys were in the same room?
  • 25: the beatles cartoons or yellow submarine?
  • 26: mclennon or starrison?
  • 27: mcharrison or lennison?
  • 28: favorite bootleg?
  • 29: have you ever had a dream about the boys?
  • 30: who is the best at acting?
  • 31: unpopular opinion?
  • 32: lyric you'd want to get tattooed?
  • 33: favorite thing about being in the beatles fandom?
  • 34: favorite iconic moment?
  • 35: favorite beatles story?
  • 36: something about one of them that secretly annoys you?
  • 37: if you were to interview your favorite beatle, what’s one question you’d ask?
  • 38: who would you rather have as your father, brother, son, and uncle?
  • 39: who would you trust with your secrets?
  • 40: who would probably be scared of roller coasters?
  • 41: which of their solo songs would best fit in a beatles album?
  • 42: AU where the beatles never broke up. What’d be a good title for their next album and movie?
  • 43: if you were in a beatles movie, who would you like to be written as their love interest?
  • 44: who would you rather go to school/grow up with?
  • 45: have you got a hole in your pocket?